How to Safely Internationalize your Domain Name?

How to Safely Internationalize your Domain Name?

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Data safety and data breach have been in the news a lot lately, and with that, companies in the US have started looking into the option of internationalizing their digital presence. Apparently, America isn’t as friendly a jurisdiction for a digital presence as it used to be.

It’s important to buy the domain name for your international business because this will identify it to your customers and help establish a reputation for your brand. A lot of attention is turned to the first part of the domain name, because most people take it for granted that it will be .com.

This is wrong. Why? It emerged that the US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency used the occasion that a business based in the land of the proud and free was administrating all .com domains to claim the US has jurisdiction over all websites with a domain name ending in .com. It doesn’t matter where the actual site is hosted.

You can internationalize your domain name just as you can your financial accounts or business incorporation. It’s not hard at all. All you need to do is pick a domain name associated with a non-US jurisdiction by picking a different TLD or ending.

We recommend the following domain endings for people who want to buy a domain name for their international business. They are all administered by registry officials located in the respective country.


The domains in this jurisdiction end in .me. This can be very interesting, as in The domains are administered by a Montenegro company based in Podgorica.


.Co Internet S.A.S. administer all domains ending in .co. See what a big difference a single letter can make? (.co as opposed to .com). The administrator is located in Bogota, the capital city of Columbia.


All domains in Belize end in .bz. They are administered by the Belizean company University Management Ltd. This domain can be lucrative because it is similar to .biz.

We hope our info about the top three choices has been helpful to you!

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