Where to find good expired domains?

Where to find good expired domains?

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Every day, thousands of domain names expire. About a hundred did while you read the previous sentence! Why? It happens for all kinds of reasons. Some owners don’t want their domains. Others forgot to renew them. Yet, expired domains can be valuable. They’re like money lying around on the street.

Now that you know this, there’s just one thing standing between you and profit. It’s the knowledge about which ones are good and which aren’t.


One great place to find quality expired domains is This site collects all the relevant information when looking for a good domain that’s Pending Delete. Users can search through thousands of domains daily depending on the domain extension before they get released to the public and select whatever they wish. At present, this site features almost 500 expired or expiring domains. You can choose from a wide variety, including .com, .net, .org to rarer ones like .club.

Domain Hunter Gatherer (DHG)

Another great way to find good expired domains involves the tool Domain Hunter Gatherer. This piece of software does a great job at finding high-capacity expired domains effortlessly. It hunts from sites and keywords among other things.

DHG Features

On that note, looking for expired domains through sites or keywords is always effective. How is this done? Enter some keywords from your industry or sector and Domain Hunter will find expired domains with links from sites. To look through sites, the tool crawls through specific websites and looks for expired domains that are linked to them. Wikipedia links to a lot of expired domains, for example.

Auction Hunter and Reverse Hunt

To use the first feature, enter your keywords to look for 8 expired domain marketplaces and key metrics. For the second, enter a domain and DHG will locate all the backlinks to it and then check them to detect expired domains.

DHG also collects metrics from Moz and Majestic at no extra cost, saving you tens, maybe even hundreds of dollars per month.

Grab these tools and get your valuable expired domain now!

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